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10 in 1 Woodworking Triangle Ruler


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The Perfect Tool Every Carpenter Needs In Their Toolbox

Finish your job up to 10x faster and work more efficiently!

Mark up accurately with speed and measure any angle. Mark repeatable and accurate carpentry cuts with confidence and without adjusting the tool or changing the tool’s configuration and capture the angular pitch of any single surface


Combines the functionality of a combination square, bevel, protractor, digital level and speed square, plus many very useful exclusive features into one compact and easy-to-use tool.

Mark accurate plumb cuts, birds mouth depth marks and seat cuts, without adjusting the tool or changing the tool’s configuration.

Machined from solid aluminum with an anodized protective finish, engraved angle scales for high accuracy and fine quality stainless steel and brass hardware.

The Ultimate Tool For Carpenters and Craftsmen

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