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90 Degree Angle Clamps


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*Multi-purpose use: Multifunction Angle Clamp Corner Clip Fixer It is suitable for woodworking, cabinet, and furniture repair connection, photo frame reinforcement, wooden DIY project, etc..
*Mounting aid for screwing or gluing boards together. Single-hand operation-the the second hand is kept free for the workpiece.
*Fast and simple fixing of boards and frames at an angle of 90 degrees, like assembling shelves, small cupboards, or frames. 90-degree Clamps for Woodworking.
*A set of 4 angle clips: a pack of 4 corners, time, save labor time, reduce the workload of a surface. Right Angle Clamp,90 angle clamps Locator, woodworking Corner Clamp, Multifunction Angle Clamp Corner Clip Fixer for Wood-Working.


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