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Portable Electric Drill Pump Self-priming Centrifugal Pump Hose Clamps Connectors Set


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Drill Pump 3000 is the solution to your problems related to water accumulation.

  • Clean water
  • Dirty water
  • Fossa
  • sinkhole
  • Oils and derivatives
  • and much more…

Transform your drill or screwdriver into a powerful water pump, and transfer liquids with ease.


Ideal for transporting, emptying or filling large amounts of liquid from one place to another, without spending a lot of money. 

Highest quality with guaranteed satisfaction.

 Image 4 of 4 Adaptive Water Pump Drill 1,800 Liters/hour - Full

See the advantages of having your Drill Pump 3000:

  • Empty your pit and other water reservoirs effortlessly;
  • Easy handling;
  • Does not burn for lack of water unlike electric pumps;
  • It projects up to 15m and lifts liquids up to 3m in height;
  • It makes 3 thousand liters per hour.

Hand Electric Drill Pump : handpickr.com


-Compact and lightweight design, portable and easy to store.
Fine workmanship, plastic, durable and has a long service life.
-Big flow, stable performances and high efficiency, easy installation.
-The pumping speed is fast, it can pump 20-30 / 30-40L water every minute (depends on the rpm of the drill).
-Install all the drill mirrors, you can use the electric drill to get the pump, easy to use.
Material: Plastic
Inlet / outlet diameter: 16mm
Inlet / outlet outer diameter: 19mm
Power: 120W-350W; Speed: 1500-2500; Water output: 20-30 liters / minute
Power: 350W-650W; Rotational speed: 2500-3500; Water outlet: 30-40 L / min

Image 4 of 6 of Pump D Water 1300 L/h P Drill - Wolfcraft - 2202

How to use:

  1. Connect your  Drill Pump 3000  to the drill/screwdriver.
  2. Connect the hose to the outlets and turn on your drill/screwdriver
  3. And ready!
  4. The water began to be pumped out, being useful for removing water in rooms flooded by rain or unforeseen problems with pipes, emptying small pools, aquariums, replacing manual watering cans.

Package included:
1Set x Drill Pump

1. Due to the light difference, the color may be slightly different.
2. Please allow slight differences due to manual measurement.


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