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Stainless Steel Oil Filter Pot


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Do you have problems separating old chunks of dough and finer debris in your used oil or in bacon fat, which takes a long time to settle down and sometimes you have to leave it? This Stainless Steel Oil Filter Pot is your perfect solution. 


It is the best way to separate and save cooking oil for later use. It helps you to safely store hot cooking oil avoiding accidents. The pot provides convenience at every stage of use. It has a big opening to allow you to fill and refill oil easily. 


It is designed to pour oil in a spill-proof and controlled manner helping you avoid waste. It is strong and promotes hygiene. It is easy to handle meaning you pour oil as much as required and no more. It does not chemically react with cooking oils so it is safe for your health. 


  • Durable and Rust-resistant 

Made of eco-friendly, non-toxic and durable material. The holder and the coaster tray are made of fine iron and are safe to use. 

A double-layer coating on both sides helps to keep it non-stick, prevents grease from rusting and prolongs its life.  Rivetless single body design ensures the oil pot does not drip.

  • Large Capacity

This oil pot reservoir can hold up to 6.8 cups equivalent to 1.7 liters of oil. It helps you separate large amounts of frying oil safely and allows you to reuse cooking oil.

  • Perfect Design  

Crafted with a dustproof cap to keep your oil safe and clean. A removable mesh strainer for filtering food residues left after cooking and has an easy-grip handle. 

Also equipped with a non-slip coaster tray to prevent oil from dripping onto the counter, keeps your counters clean. Small nozzle design works well to prevent leakage.

  • Stainless Steel Mesh Filter 

The oil pot features a removable stainless steel mesh filter to trap the tiniest food particles so you can safely reuse the frying oil. The pot is non-corrosive and heat resistant so you can pour your oil immediately after cooking.

  • Multiple Uses  

This Stainless Steel Oil Filter Pot makes bacon fat, cooking oil, coconut oil, fat, and frying oil reusable by filtering particles and offers convenient storage. It can also be used for daily kitchen use to sift flour, prepare loose leaf tea, strain lumpy sauce, etc.  The pot can function as a storage container for coffee, tea, water, juice, and other beverages.

  • Easy to Clean 

Just clean the storage pot with soap and soft fiber under warm water. After cleaning, dry the filter as soon as possible as it may get soaked.

  • Anti-drip  

Specially designed drip-free spout stops oil dripping down the side of the pot.  It is easy to control pouring and helps keep kitchens and restaurants clean. Now you can save money by using your cooking oil multiple times.

  • Saves Oil   

It helps you recycle oil for real flavor. The fine mesh strainer is included to separate food pieces from the cooking oil for later use.

Technical Specifications

Material: Stainless Steel

Color: Silver


1x Stainless Steel Oil Filter Pot


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