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The Original Back Shaver Pro


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Superior Male’s Original Back Shaver Pro Is A Pain-Free Two-Headed Blade Body Hair Shaver, That Was Designed Specifically So You Can Start Taking Your Personal Appearance To The Next Level!

The Back Shaver Pro was designed to be the best quality back shaver that’ll rid you and your body of all that UNNECESSARY and UGLY back hair. Simply turn on that shower, hop on in and easily start shaving your entire body from head to toe without help from anyone (because that’s just straight awkward)! The Original Back Shaver Pro is VERY EASY TO UTILIZE and provides an experience that some customers say is almost “SOOTHING” and “SATISFYING! Leave the days of PAINFUL WAXING in the past and switch to Superior Male’s Back Shaver Pro!  Use our  Back Shaver to not only shave your back, but also experience a new and innovative way to shave your Arms, Legs & Back (Pretty much your entire body) with ease! It’s time that you started taking good care and paying attention to the way you look, Summer is coming up soon so get READY! 

*Those smokin’ hot females are awaiting your transformation*

Shave Away Back Shaver™

Superior Male’s Back Shaver Pro Features 

  • Superior Male’s special blade design won’t hurt your skin, or even leave you itchy after use. We ALWAYS ensure that your Back Shaver Pro is safe to use.
  • Featuring a wide blade, The Original Back Shaver Pro will quickly remove all that thick body hair in a matter of seconds!
  • Superior Male’s S-shaped handle is what really allows us to stand out from the crowdNo more awkward shaving/shower buddies, now you can easily shave that excess body hair all by yourself.
  • Conveniently reach all areas of your body and remove that terrible looking body hair and fully complete the process in as low as 5 minutes!
  • Don’t feel limited in any way, shape or form! Superior Male’s Original Back Shaver Pro is suitable for both wet and dry use, in other words, you can shave anywhere, at any time (please take that with a grain of salt, the beach is no place to start shaving)!
  • Superior Male offers replacement blades that allow you to consistently look good EVERYDAY!

Back and Body Shaver by BAKblade | The GrommetSuperior Male’s Full Guarantee 

Here at SuperiorMale.com, we offer a full guarantee to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with your Back Shaver Pro! If you don’t end up receiving a top notch quality Back Shaver Pro, consider it on us… Keep your brand new Original Back Shaver Pro from Superior Male and get your money back! We want to make sure that your experience with us is SUPERIOR! We always try to provide our customers with the best experience possible, so in the end, your satisfaction is what allows us to grow and learn as we build Superior Male up to one of the leading male beauty brands in the world! The team we’ve built at Superior Male was raised to value the customer over the business! If you have any questions or concerns, we provide 24/7 customer service.


Package includes:    

1 x Two Head Blade Hair Shaver(other accessories demo in the picture is not included.)    







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