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Ultra Precision Marking Rulers


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1.Ultra Precision Marking Ruler has tiny holes and slits at each graduation, enabling you to make a dot with a pencil or mark a line with accuracy to within a hair’s breadth! The scale, being indented and etched in black, is easy to read. The surface is non-reflecting and enables even tired eyes in poor light to mark the exact start. Select the proper slot or hole, insert a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil, and mark the measurement with dead-on accuracy.
2.The Right Angle Ruler is precisely what you need for layout and measurement along the edge of a board or other workpiece. Micro-fine marking holes at every scale line allow you to instantly locate your sharp pencil point or scribe exactly on target with zero uncertainty and no eye strain!
3.All the rules are only 0.25 mm thick and must, therefore, not be used for coarse work! Taking the right amount of care with this tool, you will not only have pleasure in the finished piece of work but also in doing the drawings.
4.Drawing an accurate line with a conventional ruler is difficult when you are looking from the side, which usually also means inaccurate.
5.The 90° shape holds it snugly in place while the two-scale surfaces let you mark and measure on the top, edge, and corners simultaneously! There are even two vertical end scales for drawing precision parallel lines relative to the edge of your work.

Product description
T-Type Ruler: 180mm,200mm,300mm,400mm

1.There are micro-fine marking holes and slots.
2.Precise, versatile and easy-to-use T-Type Ruler.
3.Locate your sharp pencil or scribe with absolute precision.
4.Instantly mark your position with zero uncertainty, zero parallaxes, and zero eye strain.
5.Ultra-thin for ultra-precision.

Packing list

Package included:
1× Ultra Precision Marking Ruler
1× Pen

Additional information

DIY Supplies


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Ultra Precision Marking Ruler




High-precision Scale Ruler





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carpenter ruler

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Diy tools

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Building tools

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Measuring instruments

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Tools for construction

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Center scriber


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