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Windproof Jet Torch Lighter


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Beat the winds and spark up in style with Windproof Jet Torch Lighter!



Windproof Jet Torch Lighter is a butane torch lighter that emits 3 powerful jet-flames, making it 3 times more robust than any other torch lighter. Unlike existing flame and plasma lighters, Windproof Jet Torch Lighter lights up a fire in the windiest and extreme weather which makes it ideal for adventures and survival. Its dynamic torch produces an immense amount of heat that can blaze up a cigar in seconds.



Powered with butane, it can be refilled infinitely while a sophisticated ignition slider makes the operation very smooth. The ignition slider also opens the lid when ignited and closes after use, making it safe to carry in a pocket. So, bring home Windproof Jet Torch Lighter light up your smokes in the most powerful and sophisticated way ever.



Ergonomic and Safe: Windproof Jet Torch Lighter is attractively sleek and compact. Its ergonomic design allows a better grip and hence a convenient operation. The lid smartly opens when the slider button is pushed and shuts off completely when you are done.



Adjustable Flame: To serve different purposes, the jet-flame of Windproof Jet Torch Lighter can be adjusted as required. A knob at the bottom is rotated to increase or decrease the jet-flame, indicated by engraved (+) and (-) signs.



Weather-Proof: This lighter can withstand stormy winds and minor rains, making it wind-proof and splash-proof. You can carry this windproof lighter along for outdoor activities like camping, trekking, etc. and it will provide you with heat in any condition, whenever needed.



Premium Quality: Made with high-grade alloy and ABS material, this cigarette lighter ensures sturdiness and durability. The automatic lid prevents any moisture from getting inside, making it resistant to corrosion and also safe to carry.



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