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Wowstick Mini Portable Electric Screwdriver Cordless Battery Power with Multi 20 Bits for Cell Phone Notebook Repair Tool Kit


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Mini Portable Electric Screwdriver Cordless Battery Power with Multi 20 Bits for Cell Phone Notebook Repair Tool Kit

📌Warm Tips —  Try electric screwdriver:

Powered by 2 AAA batteries. 1 minute/150 speed. Electric torque is 1.2KG. It is mainly used for disassembly and assembly of small screws in mobile phone digital electronic digital products. Because this kind of small screw, if the torque is too large, the speed is too fast, it is easy to damage the screw and the equipment. This is a targeted removal of small screws, which improves safety and efficiency.
The tighter screw can be operated manually while holding down the electric button. This model can not only be electric, but also can be operated manually, and the manual can withstand 30KG torque.

🍀 TRY — The scope of use of this precision electric screwdriver:

for individual users: DIY or disassembly or repair of mobile phones, digital tablets, glasses, cameras, notebooks and other electronic digital products. For these small and medium-sized equipment.

🍀Original design intention:

Design a portable compact and precise electric screwdriver, which can disassemble the screws of small and medium-sized equipment such as ordinary mobile phone digital electronic products, because the equipment screws themselves are very small. The smaller the screw, the limited strength. If the speed is too fast and the force is too large, it is easy to cause slippage. Therefore, traditional plug-in screwdrivers and pistol-style electric screwdrivers are not suitable for dismantling these small and medium-sized precision equipment. Excessive force and speed can easily lead to screw slippage or breakdown of the circuit board. Disassembling these small and medium-sized precision equipment, safety is more important, and this is the speed of 1 minute/150 speed, the efficiency of personal DIY is also sufficient. And this size design is very portable, the grip is very comfortable and handy, the operability is very strong, and it is very convenient to carry.


📌Approximate disassembly range of the corresponding batch head:

P2: Remove the iPhone 4 4S 5 5C 5S 6 6PLUS 6S 6SPLUS 7 7PLUS 8 8PLUS X for the bottom five-star screw.
P5: Remove the five-star screw at the bottom of the Apple Notebook AIR PRO.
Y0.6: Used to remove the 7 8 X internal Y-shaped screws of the iPhone.
PH000: Used to remove all the Phillips screws of the mobile phone.
PH0: Remove the cross and toy cross at the bottom of the notebook to use.
PH2: Remove the Phillips screws of the computer.
SL1.0 / SL2.0 / SL3.0: Used for removing slotted screws of some electronic digital products.
T5 T6: Remove some hexagonal screws on the notebook.
H2.5 H3.0: Dismantle drones, there are many airplane models.
U3.0: Triangle 3.0 Y2.5 dismantles many small appliances.
0.8: Used for circuit board punching.

There are more dismantling scopes, everyone has discovered one after another.

Package List:

Color: Electric Screwdriver, Package includes as follows:
1 x Wowstick Try Mini Electric Screwdriver
20 x Magnetic S2 Steel Screwdriver Bit
1 x Package Cloth Bag
1 x User Manual in English

Color: Magnetic Plate, Package includes as follows:
Only 1 x Magnetic Plate

❣️❣️Note: There are 2 options here. Selecting the Magnetic Plate separately does not include the electric screwdriver. Please choose carefully, thank you for your understanding.



Dual Power = Manual + Power Operated
More Precise, Faster, More Portable
Newest Electric Power Screwdriver in 2018


Various Skills in Boxing

20 Kinds of the Most Commonly Used Bits
Made of S2 Aluminum Alloy
Durable and Portable

Upgraded Speed with Faster Experience

The speed from 100 rpm/min upgrade to 150 rpm/min
More Powerful to help us to deal with repairing jobs

Aluminium Alloy Body German-designed & Technology

The integrated design of the Wowstick 1P+, with excellent german-designed & great craft, and we did it!


Creative Dual Power Mixed-technology

Wowstick 1P+ creat dual power auto switch technology, it can be used with dual power mode in the same time, when one power mode unscrew.

Additional information

Brand Name


Power Source



Precision Screwdriver


Mainland China

Max. Torque

0.12 N.m


about 170g


Home DIY



Model Number

Wowstick Try 1P+

Battery Capacity

2 x AAA 1.5V Batteries (Not included)

Rated Speed

150 rpm/min

Rated Torque

0.12 N.m

Screwdriver Material


Bits Material

S2 Alloy Steel

Bits Specifications

4 x 28mm

Bits Configure

20 pcs


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